Fulltime Roadrunners

Fulltime Roadrunners
Staying Put at BLM Oxbow Campground on the Colorado River, Cibola, AZ


June 27th, 2016

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Big weekend coming up, Independence Day, July 4th.  There’s a few things you should know before you come out here.

1.  Monsoon season has started so be prepared for thunderstorms and rain just about any time.  Thunderstorms are predicted for most of the week, ending Thursday night.  I’ll keep you updated as the weather report changes, or you can click on this link Oxbow Campground Weather to keep updated.  It will take you to the NOAA weather report for our coordinates.  (Blythe weather report adjusted for our area).

2.  Whether we get rain or not, there is a fire restriction.  No campfires any place unless it is in a developed recreation area with BLM provided fire rings (our rock fire rings are not BLM provided).  No charcoal fires (BBQ) unless they are in BLM provided BBQ stands.  We do have those.  Propane BBQs are just fine.
    If you smoke, you either have to be in your vehicle or in a space within a 6 ft. diameter bare of any combustible material.


The fire restriction is for all of the land in our area, not just the campground.

3.  The “water cops” are going to be out on the water all weekend.  This includes AZ and CA Fish and Wildlife Wardens; Imperial County; La Paz County; Blythe Police; BLM Law Enforcement; and more.  Their focus will be on “drinking and driving”; proper equipment in the boat, particularly life jackets; and obeying boating laws.  Check out the following links to refresh your memories on the laws.

“Safe Boating Hints – Colorado River”

“Arizona Boating Laws”

4.  When you come here to launch your boats, please make sure that after you park your vehicle your permit, whether it be the annual pass or envelope stub, is totally visible through your windshield from the outside and that the stub is completely filled out.  Our BLM Law Enforcement will be out in full force.

5.  If you plan on camping here, get here early in the week, as in Thursday or even Wed.

We look forward to being busy and seeing ya’ll again!  But, please be patient with us when we ask to make sure your permit is visible and current.  We can’t remember all the people who come in here and I, especially, don’t remember vehicles and boats. And we certainly don’t remember what month you bought your annual.

I’ve been having fun watching a few Quail families come in for the seed I toss out on the ground.  We have 3 small families, one with 4 babies, one with 3, and one with 2.

One of our guests asked for the name of the Ant Killer we use to keep the red ants out of the campground.

It is “Amdro Ant Killer” and the bottle says kills “Fire Ants”.

One of my favorite insect control systems is the lizards…. this Desert Spiny Lizard is an eating machine!  He’s huge. About 12 inches including his tail.  He’s all dressed up in his “attract a mate” attire.


Fishing is still pretty good.  I can’t believe the size of the Blue Gills they are getting out of our lagoon, as well as the numbers.  I haven’t talked to anyone lately about fishing  the lake, but those fishing the river are reporting the fishing is still pretty good.

Ya’ll have a great 4th of July weekend and stay healthy and happy!


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