Fulltime Roadrunners

Fulltime Roadrunners
Staying Put at BLM Oxbow Campground on the Colorado River, Cibola, AZ

Another Week

March 3rd, 2016

I really wanted to get this written and posted by mid afternoon, but between midday Dr. appointments and much needed grocery shopping, it just didn’t happen until much later. 

For those of you who have my card, don’t hesitate to call me for info if you plan on coming to the river and want to make sure it’s launchable or fishable, or want to know if we are or will be full of campers.  Of course, it’s first come first serve, but often we get forewarning.

On to the river and fishing……

The river is still running relatively high, but it looks like starting today, they are beginning to work their way back down to normal releases.  From the looks of the projected releases from Parker the water level here for the weekend will be high enough for launching even the bigger boats. 

Tomorrow the river will start rising around 10 – 11 a.m. and not start dropping until 11 p.m.  Saturday the river will start rising around 7 – 8a.m. and not start dropping until 12 midnight.  Sunday also should be a good day.  Rise – 9-10a.m. and not drop until midnight.

As for fishing….. I got to sample some of the best fish from the Oxbow Lake yesterday evening.  We were invited to a fish fry by some of our super Canadian Guests.  I tasted my first ever Crappy, and it totally lived up to it’s reputation…. to die for!  Yummm!

Right now is a perfect time for being out here if you are Bass fishing.  They are in the pre-spawn mode and are biting live bait in the shallower water.

The fisher persons in the campground are telling me the Crappy out of the Oxbow Lake are a substantial size this year. 

Our little lagoon off the river is even producing some decent fishing right now.  Last weekend a guest caught several Bluegill and used a couple to fish for Flathead in the evening, resulting in catching a 7 lb. Flathead Catfish.

On the birding front, we’re just beginning to get some of the birds migrating from hither to yon and there are still those who are here year round.  I love the ducks and wading birds I see on the little pond in Cibola when I go get my mail.

Wood Duck in Cibola Pond


Uh oh.  I know I had more I wanted to share, but it’s after 10 p.m. and my brain has shut down, so I’ll have to save it for next time.

Ya’ll stay healthy and happy!


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