Fulltime Roadrunners

Fulltime Roadrunners
Staying Put at BLM Oxbow Campground on the Colorado River, Cibola, AZ

Per Request

January 29th, 2016

We seem to have many people trying to find our campground.  They’ve heard of it from friends or acquaintances and want to check it out.  We got a phone call today from one gentleman we met at the La Posa Long Term Visitor Area in Quartzsite AZ way back in 2008 today.  He wanted to know how to get here and what the coordinates are.  Thom said to go ahead and post the coordinates on this blog…..  if someone wants to do us harm, their GPS will have them wandering around the farm lands in the area so much they will die of old age before they find the campground. 

So, here ya go:

BLM Oxbow Campground, Cibola, AZ, near Palo Verde, CA.
33°23’15/6”M  114°42’43.53”W

For those of you who intend no harm to us…. Directions found on the BLM Oxbow Campground Site:

From I-10: Exit at Neighbors Blvd. /CA-78 in Blythe, California, heading south on Highway 78. From I-8: Exit north on Ogilby Rd. Turn right on Highway 78 heading north. The site is approximately 3 miles south of Palo Verde, California, at Colorado River mile 100. Turn east onto gravel road at sign marked “Colorado River.” Oxbow is ¾ mile east of Highway 78.

Link to that Site:


With all that, this might help a bit as well.  The sign at the intersection of Hwy 78 and gravel road says Colorado River on green sign, Cibola Wildlife Refuge on brown sign and drawing of boat on ramp on green sign.  Here is a Google Earth pic of the area I did today. Click on the pic to enlarge it.



The BLM has done some great stuff out here making the campground better.  Our boat ramp has been extended 12’ to make it easier to launch your boat without running off the end of the ramp.  There is access to the Colorado River from the lagoon you launch in.  We’ve had crews out here cutting down weeds, ‘n reeds, opening up the view and giving better access to the water and beach.  They’ve trimmed the trees to make parking RVs much easier and giving more room for setup.  Here are a couple of photos.



We’ve been living here at the campground for almost 2 1/2 years (1 month short) and still love it.  Ultimately we want to live full time in Quartzsite, but I’m not in a hurry. 

I hope to get get back to blogging again a bit more regularly. If for no other reason than to keep our regular guests aware of what’s happening out here on the river and in the campground…. fishing reports, weather expectations, etc..

Ya’ll stay healthy and happy.