Fulltime Roadrunners

Fulltime Roadrunners
Staying Put at BLM Oxbow Campground on the Colorado River, Cibola, AZ

Busy Campground This Month

May 29th, 2015

Of course Memorial Weekend is in May, but is at the end of May.  We’ve been nicely busy all month.  We had a good number of guests in here for the holiday weekend, but most of them had annual passes that are good through this month.  We still brought in almost as much $$ this month (so far) as we did last month with the 200+ members of the motorcycle group. We’re getting a lot of repeat guests out here now.  We’ve had several people stumble on the place and spend the night, enjoying it so much they vow to come back when they can spend more time…. and some have.

This is what our backwater/lagoon looks like during the busy weekends.
(if you click on the photo it will open in a new window, to come back to the blog, just close that window)

And this is what the point above the lagoon looks like with the owners of all these boats parked up there. Most of the boats were towed in by motorhomes.

Living the way we do, off the grid, can be a royal pain in the butt sometimes. (I’m probably on my way to a rant right now). Thom recently realized he qualifies for VA benefits. In the process of getting his baseline physical exam they want to do several tests. Because he mentioned concerns about possible heart issues they want him to be hooked up to a monitor for 48 hours.  We live off the grid, we have no steady shore power, we rely on solar panels and generators, we get good cell phone service with AT&T out here, but not Verizon or others.  We have no access to landline phone.  The heart monitor relies on Verizon cell phone or the “antique” model relies on landline. We’ve had two systems sent to us, one Verizon (no reception), and one AT&T (4 bars of 3G), and the program on the phone that comes with it says “poor cellular service,” on both phones, so it can’t transmit data to the main office. I now have two systems to ship back to them while they look at sending another system of some sort or another to us.  If we didn’t have a dog and two parrots we’d just go to Tucson now and spend the 48 hours there so they could get their stuff.  We have to go to Tucson in July anyway for an echo-cardiogram. …OK, Rant over.

We have lots going on out here regarding our power situation, but no firm answers and nothing in concrete, so I’m not saying anything until we have real answers.

This is frustrating… yesterday and the day before I had several thoughts pop into my head that I wanted to share on the blog, but they popped right out again.  I’ll say g’nite for now and will be back soon I hope.

Ya’ll stay healthy and happy!


Working With The BLM

May 25th, 2015

We are finding that, now our Yuma Field Office of the BLM is getting it’s manpower back, it is making life much better for everyone involved.  Not just us, but our campers, campground and day use hosts, and the users of these areas.

We just went through our biggest weekend of the year, Memorial  Weekend, and it went a whole lot smoother than last year.  Yes, last year was our first time and our guests didn’t know us and were bound to try us, but also, the BLM didn’t have the manpower, due to people off training or illness, to cover the weekend like they normally do.  Last year wasn’t a huge trial but we made mistakes, and our guests took advantage of our being new.  This year they knew what they could push, and to make it really nice, they knew us and they like us, so were easy to deal with.

*side note*… I wish these people would send word to the BLM how they feel, but it’s only those whom we tick off who call the BLM.  If anyone sends good words about us, it would be nice to know, but we only hear if they complain.  Anyway…… I’ve shifted from my intended thoughts to share big time.

Our Supervisor was able to see that we had ample Park Ranger coverage as well as Law Enforcement coverage this year…. yes, last night happened, but if we’re not prepared to deal with those issues, I guess we shouldn’t be here.  (Ya’ll, knowing us, gotta know how hard it is for Thom and I to stay away from and not get involved, but we’ve learned that stuff is going to happen and we have to know when to step back and let it happen).

I’m totally aware that a lot of the readers of my blog think the BLM takes advantage of their volunteers, but you need to realize we, and all volunteers, have a reason for doing this and we love doing what we do, for whatever reason.

I have to say we felt well covered by our Rangers and our Law Enforcement this weekend.  The BLM Law Enforcement made their presence known all weekend and our Park Rangers were out and about and making sure all our guests knew the requirements for usage here.

The Imperial County Sheriff’s Dept. came out here and launched a boat to monitor activity on the river both Saturday and Sunday and I got a couple of pics of them on the river in front of our campground. We let them park in our compound since parking was very limited this weekend. This first picture is the Sheriff’s boat anchored out on the river watching the boats coming and going from our boat ramp and lagoon.  The second is the guys moving a bit north.  We really appreciate their presence here, it makes a tremendous difference in some of the boaters demeanor sometimes.  Remember, if you click on the photo it opens full size in another window and when you close that window you come back here.

impcoshrfboat-0524 impcoshrfbt-0524

I’ve finally finished my latest beaded hummingbird.  This one took me 5 days to make, but that’s due to the big weekend.  This one will be shipped tomorrow and I hope to start a new one for another order.  I’m getting closer to being able to bead my self set challenges, and to build an inventory!  Those of you who are thinking about ordering, keep in mind that in the next month I’m going to shut down accepting orders and will spend a month working on building an inventory and working on creating the challenges I’ve set myself, like the White Throated Jacobin.

Time to say g’nite, but I hope tomorrow to figure out what photos I’ve taken recently and share a visual of my world with ya’ll.  Thanks for reading.  If you have something you want to hear about or see, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. I totally want to share my photos of the King Snakes mating, and the shots of the migratory birds we’ve had visit our campground.  For those of you who absolutely hate looking at snakes, I’ll give a fair warning that there are pics of snakes coming up.

Ya’ll stay healthy and happy!


Starting the Blog Again

May 24th, 2015

I have been told by several people they want me to blog.  They want to hear about happenings in the campground and our lives.  What better time than one of the busiest weekends of the year, Memorial Weekend.

Yesterday we had 113 uses (that is by vehicle count, not people, and includes camping and day use), today we had fewer launches which brought us down to 84 uses (vehicles).  Needless to say we were busy running hither and yon all day both days.

At least this year our supervisor was able to arrange schedules so we had ample Ranger and Law Enforcement coverage this weekend…. or at least almost ample Law Enforcement coverage.  Our one Law Enforcement Officer left at about 5:30.  Granted, things were slow then, but his shift ran until into the night.  At about 8:30 or a bit later we had some folks come in to pull their boats out of the water and they were acting totally intoxicated and were verbally fighting.  It was escalating to where I thought it might become a physical fight so I called 911 and finally got a Sheriff’s dept. to send someone out.  Of course he arrived 1/2 hour later so all was done.  He did take a report and they did go out looking for drunk drivers towing boats, but nothing came of it.  Today these same people came out and launched a boat again so the Law Enforcement Officers (LEO’s) were here and ready. Of course, today they didn’t get drunk and all was well.

The La Paz County Sheriff’s dept. launched a boat here and anchored at various places on the river maintaining sanity on the water. It was amazing to watch the boats speeding along crossing in front of other boats and being totally reckless until they saw that Sheriff’s Boat out there and they slowed down to a crawl!  I have pics of them anchored out in front of the entrance to our lagoon that I hope to post tomorrow or the next time I post, whichever comes first.

Having been here for over a year (19 months), this year is totally different from last year.  We have learned to relax and still get things done AND keep the guests happy. We’ve made friends with several of our regular campers and folks who launch.  We really look forward to them coming in and being here. 

We totally love being here and don’t plan on going anywhere else for as long as we can stay here.

Tomorrow promises to be another busy day, but in a different way.  I hope to be able to say g’bye to the campers on the point who have been here since last Wednesday, super wonderful people, couldn’t ask for better campground guests.  We will also have several regular weekenders launching and I need to keep track of the launches so I can track the usage on a spreadsheet.  I do believe it will be a much quieter day though.

I’m tired and need to get the massager going on my neck so maybe I can sleep.

Ya’ll stay healthy and happy!