Fulltime Roadrunners

Fulltime Roadrunners
Staying Put at BLM Oxbow Campground on the Colorado River, Cibola, AZ

Wind, Thunder, Lightning…

August 27th, 2013

…from Thursday through Sunday.  It absolutely poured rain in Yuma and along the I-8 corridor in AZ and Calif.  We had a light show, noise and wind, but no rain.  We did lose our power on Thursday afternoon around 6 p.m.  It was out until 3:30 p.m. on Friday (due to flooding in the surrounding area).  We ran our big diesel generator in order to keep the house relatively cool - 86° but the humidity was very high so it wasn’t very comfortable. We had an 80% chance of rain on Sunday and Sunday night.  It rained all around us, flooded in fact, but not here.  In the wee hours of Monday morning we got 0.12” of rain.  At least the temps were only in the high 80’s and low to mid 90’s during this storm.

We lost power again yesterday morning from 5:30 to about 1 a.m.  I guess we better get used to being self sufficient for power from now on.  We just found out today we will be moving to the Oxbow Campground as soon as possible.  They have power out there but it’s not super reliable for now.  That’s one of the reasons the BLM wants us out there – we have solar panels, eight 6-volt batteries, a big 7000 watt diesel generator and two 2000 watt Honda generators.  We can get by just fine if the shore power fails.  Our Honda generators both need tuning.

Our inverter isn’t working right now and we won’t move up to Oxbow until we have a working inverter.  We have a fuse on order for it which should arrive at the shop tomorrow, then they will call to make an appointment to come out and replace the fuse.  We have high hopes that’s the problem and the ONLY problem.  In the meantime we’ll be madly packing and getting ready to move.

If ya’ll remember, Oxbow Campground is the one we wanted to go to when it was first announced, but we got Senator’s Wash Boat Ramp/Day Use instead.  Our friends Bob and Dot got the Oxbow.  Unfortunately their RV wasn’t set up to do well without shore power and with the fresh water issues things just didn’t work out for them.

The reason it’s been so long since I last posted is because we knew about the possibility of our moving to Oxbow last week and I knew I wouldn’t be able to post without mentioning it so I waited until we knew for sure.

Here’s a couple of pics I took last November when we were looking at getting the host position back then.

This is the Boat Ramp into the Lake which has access to the Colorado River.

A path down to the beach of the lake.

Host site, now cleaned up.

Bob and Dot don’t know about this yet and I’m really worried about how they will take it.  We had no influence whatsoever over their leaving.  Since Jack and Sandy the winter hosts here let Bill know they plan on being back here the first week of October, we had no idea what we’d be doing for the winter until Oxbow was offered to us, and, as well as not wanting to say no, we just couldn’t afford to say no.

We expect this weekend to be super busy.  It’s the last big weekend until next spring, as well as Saturday being opening day of dove hunting season, AND we have to start packing!

I probably won’t post again until after we have moved.  Before I say g’bye I want to share my beautiful Osprey visitor.  It’s been here every day for the last 4 days, sometimes bringing a fish to munch on, sometimes just to sit and rest.

Ya’ll stay healthy ‘n happy!


Sunken Boats, Low Water Levels, High Temps ‘n Ear Infections

August 15th, 2013

Our sunken boat has been recovered.  I’m almost sorry.  I miss seeing the owner of the boat and the Border Patrol guys so often.  I managed to get a few photos of the process of bringing the boat up and out of the water.  I like this one because it shows the owner of the boat sitting on the bow of the tow boat and it’s almost to the ramp.  They used inner tubes to support the bow of the boat and the big yellow floatation pillows were holding the back of the boat on the surface.  The Border Patrol divers were hitching a ride in with the boat making sure it stayed on top and relatively steady.  All of them super neat people!

You know a person is a friend worth helping when all of his diver friends and border patrol friends are more than happy to gather together to work at recovering his boat.  Like I said, he’s a really nice person with super friends!

Bringing it up the ramp.

For some reason the Bureau of Reclamation has been lowering the water level of our reservoir.  It’s gotten so low we’ve had people come in here to go swimming but when they check out the water level they turn around to go home.  We have rocks that have been under water for months, now totally out of the water with lots of algae for the burros to munch on.  I’ve emailed the Bureau of Reclamation and asked if they could tell me why it’s so low.  Will let you know if they respond.

I think we’re just about over the worst of the heat.  This next 7 days is predicted to be pretty hot but with luck it will start cooling down a wee bit.  Got up to 115° today with a heat index of 122°  It’s supposed to be the same temps for the next 7 days.  I’m actually hoping the low water level keeps people away from here so we don’t have to go traipsing out in the heat off and on all day.

This has been a busy week so far.  Monday I had to go in for my annual blood labs, Tuesday my ear got to bothering me bunches so I got an appt. to see the Dr. at 3 p.m., she made an appt. for me with an Ear, Nose ‘n Throat (ENT) guy for today (Thurs).  Yesterday we went into Quartzsite to visit with Lee and Ilse our lovely friends who have a house there.  We had such a great visit with them, we didn’t want to say good-bye.  After we left there we went to Larry ‘n Phyllis’s to visit, but they weren’t home at the time so we headed on the road to Oxbow Campground outside of Blythe to visit with our winter coordinators from Quartzsite.  Again a nice visit.

I developed an ear infection about mid July.  Luckily my Medicare kicked in July 1st.  I already had an appointment for my “welcome to Medicare” exams, labs, etc.  I was put on antibiotic to clear up the infection on the ear drum.  It seemed to clear up, but a couple of days after I finished my 10 days of antibiotic my ear started itching, weeping and feeling irritated… at the entrance to the ear.  At my visit to the ENT he said I had a combination bacterial/fungal infection and said he could prescribe ear drops that would cost about $250, but since I can’t afford that he told me to mix 1 part white vinegar with 1 part filtered water and flush my ear 3 times a day.  He said it’s every bit as effective as the drops.  He suctioned the “junk” out of my ear and it feels so much better.  I can hear better too!

On our ride to Oxbow Campground we saw some Ibis in the farmer’s flooded fields.  In trying to identify them I’d say they are the Glossy Ibis, but they’re not known to frequent this area.  Glossy and White-faced Ibis are very much alike and the white-faced are normal to this area.  These Ibis didn’t have the white surrounding their eyes like the white-faced so I’m still inclined to call them the Glossy Ibis.  The white bird mixed in is the Cattle Egret.


We’re hoping to hear from Bill soon as to what we might be doing this winter.  He has said he’d have a place for us somewhere.  We really doubt we’ll be here for the winter… darn it.

On our way into town on Monday to do my blood labs there was a car on the corner of Senator’s Wash Rd and Imperial Rd. sitting on the shoulder.  Their windows were down and they had some of our wild burros sticking their heads into the windows to eat whatever these idiots were feeding them.  I took pics and then yelled out to them that feeding the wild burros was against the law!  Another embarrassment for Thom, but I get tired of people who ignore the laws to please themselves… never mind the issues they create for other people.  The next car that comes along and stops to look at the burros but has nothing to feed them is likely to get the side of their car kicked by burro hooves.  They can be very temperamental.

If our water level is still going down tomorrow morning, I’ll take a pic of our lack of water and share it.

A last note… on our drive to Quartzsite, the further north we went the more growth and green we saw and the more we missed Q.  I love it here, but do miss the mammal we had in Q.  No squirrels, rabbits are a rare sighting, as well as coyotes, fox, etc. 

Time to say g’nite.

Ya’ll stay healthy ‘n happy!



Life is Good, Simple as That

August 1st, 2013

It’s still uncomfortably hot here; 1/2 of the meat I was going to use for dinner smelled “off”, ended up in the garbage; my first attempt at a “cake” recipe in my new bread maker (banana bread) was a total disaster; but in spite of these things, Life Is Good!

Yes, I’ll complain about the heat and wish for cooler temps, but all in all, it’s bearable. We’ve learned to deal with temps over 110° – limit time outside; seek shade whenever possible; drink lots of water when we get back inside.  When temps get that high the wind does NOT cool you down, it feels like a blast furnace and your skin feels like it’s very close to blistering.  A breeze feels good if you’ve had a chance to sweat, but a wind just dries and cooks you.

I’m learning that when I defrost meat for meals, I need to do it in the fridge.  80+° feels fine to me since I’ve acclimated, but the meats defrost quickly and then sit and start gathering bacteria… Yuck!  At least I haven’t poisoned us yet.

As for the bread machine… I don’t care how many disaster’s I have, I’m having a ball learning how to use it.  I fully intend to experiment and learn.

As a side note… As far as the banana bread is concerned, I checked the expiration date on the baking powder and it was 3 years ago.  Hmmm, think that might have been a factor in the total failure? I could have sworn I bought that stuff just 7 or 9 months ago.

The DHS (Department of Homeland Security) was out today doing diving and recovery training – trying to find that sunken boat and retrieving it.  The Bureau of Reclamation even brought the water level of the lake down about 10 feet.  Unfortunately, it got very windy and therefore the lake got murky.  I’m not sure what the next step will be.

Today a guy from Imperial County Public Works stopped by to tell us the road into our compound will be totally closed for two days next week.  Access to our compound will be nil next Tuesday and Wednesday.  Guests won’t be able to get in and we won’t be able to get out.  They are going to be doing some much needed paving those two days.

We had a lovely sunset the last day of July (last night).

I haven’t been getting many good photos lately so I’ve nothing to share in that respect.

Time to say g’nite.

Ya’ll stay healthy ‘n happy!