Fulltime Roadrunners

Fulltime Roadrunners
Staying Put at BLM Oxbow Campground on the Colorado River, Cibola, AZ

Summer Job–Senator’s Wash

December 20th, 2012

We drove down to Senator’s Wash today to check it out.  I have to admit we aren’t wild about it like we were for Oxbow Campground, but it is nice and we can see where we will love it there.  It’s lovely there and has lots of wildlife to watch including burros, coyotes, bobcats and lots of birds.  To top it off, when it’s not the weekend, and we’re not busy we can go swimming or fishing whenever we want.

Here are some shots of the Senator’s Wash day use area:  (again, to see the picture in full size just click on it.  When finished looking at it just close the window)

This is a shot of the picnic parking area and boat trailer parking area.  The host site is in the back of the picture.  I’ve closer shots for you of the host site.

This is the host site from the front

from the back

Since we are the only RV there we can fit all our “stuff” there.

This is the picnic and swimming area.  There are steps going down to it as well as a long gradual ramp for the handicapped.

View of the reservoir (Imperial Dam) from Senator’s Wash area:

On our way to Senator’s Wash we saw this very low flying USAF doing practice supplies drops.

As long as the weather permits, I plan on doing walks along the water and getting pics of the water birds and maybe even other wildlife getting drinks.  Here’s a Great White Egret we saw today doing a bit of hunting.

While down there we stopped at Fry’s to pick up pepsi and butter on sale, and even some ground bison for Thom.  We bought gas for $3.11/gal, here in Quartzsite it’s $3.21/gal with the Pilot/Flying J discount.  We also stopped at our favorite produce stand in Yuma and picked up some more super fresh broccoli, 3 huge pomagranites for $2.00 and an 11 lb. box of super premium dates for $29.00.  Dates are so easy to keep for a very long time.  Bag and refrigerate for up to 3 or 4 weeks, bag and freeze for up to 2 years.  They maintain their freshness the whole time!  To top it off, they are soooo good for you.

It was really cold last night, down to 27F.  We ran the Wave heater on low all night and woke up to a temp of 50F inside.  Not bad considering it got so cold last night.  We covered our garden last night and kept a light burning to keep the plants from freezing.  Tonight is going to get down to 30F so we’re doing frost control on the garden again, although it will probably be okay without… but who wants to take a chance when you go to so much trouble to grow these plants!

Time to go check emails and Facebook to see what’s happening.

Ya’ll stay healthy ‘n happy!


Two Week Update

December 19th, 2012

I really need to fix that!  Not posting for 10 to 14 days is not good.  I’m sorry.  My only excuse is lack of motivation.

We’re both missing our friends this year.  Add that to the fact that our finances are such that we can’t afford to do much more than stay home.  We haven’t even gone down to the vendor’s shops yet this year… in fear we’ll give in and buy something we can’t afford.  I will have to give in soon and go in to my favorite bead shop to stock up on hummingbird colors so I can make several hummingbirds to sell.

We have made new friends here.  We signed them up at the contact station.  They are new to boondocking and living on the desert, but very gung-ho to give it a try, so they come to visit now and then to pick our brains on do’s and don’ts.  One day at work two weeks ago, Ron and Cathy brought us lunch – yummy nachos!  That was certainly welcome.

Cathy wants me to call her when I’m ready to start a new hummingbird so I can teach her how to do it.  That will be fun I think.  She’s good company.

My son, daughter-in-law, and grandson; Mike, Tiffany and Coen; will be here a week from today.  That’s barring bad weather in Utah, of course.

We have no plans whatsoever for Christmas.  I don’t even have a menu in mind.  It will probably just be another day for us and we’ll have a “Christmas Dinner” when the kids are here.

We finally heard from Bill regarding the Oxbow Campground.  He’s worried we won’t be able to handle the heat and humidity they get in the Verde Valley… 120F for up to two or three week stretches with 80%+ humidity.  Thom could probably handle the heat and humidity, but I would most likely have a very hard time handling it.  I don’t do well in 100F with 60% humidity, so the 120/80+ would probably take me down.

Soooo, since Bill has someone who can handle the heat AND has experience with solar energy and electric systems, he wants to offer the Oxbow to them as long as we agree.  He has offered us a summer job at Senator’s Wash hosting the day use area and eventually the job will evolve into a year round job.  In the meantime we’d work summer’s at Senator’s Wash (boat launch/picnic area), and be guaranteed a position back here in Quartzsite at the La Posa South contact station.  Senator’s Wash is at the Imperial Dam area near Yuma.  We’d be a lot closer to great shopping in Yuma and our trips to Mexico for prescriptions would only be about 25 miles.  To top it off, we’d have full hookups and get paid a stipend.

Bill suggested we wait to make a decision until we’ve had the opportunity to drive down there, look it over and talk to the current winter hosts.  We’re going to drive down there tomorrow to look it over.  I’m sure our answer will be yes, we’ve driven through the area a couple of years ago and thought it was nice.  I’ll try to take pics tomorrow to share on the blog.

Again, we’ll keep ya’ll posted.  If we do it, we’ll stay here in Q until around the first of May, then go down there until the end of Sept, first of Oct.

We were hoping to get to California to visit Mom sometime this month but with the kids coming here and all this uncertainty of what’s happening with a summer job for us, we won’t be able to make it until sometime in January.

Time for me sit back and chill now.  Speaking of which… here’s a shot of Thom and Willow doing just that… Nap time!

Ya’ll stay healthy ‘n happy!

Mom, I love ya!  Hope to see you soon!



December 7th, 2012

It wasn’t an at home day today as we expected.  We got word there were pallets for us to pick up at the business that lets us have their pallets for our firewood, so we had to run into town to pick them up (6 of them).  While in town we stopped at the bakery for a loaf of bread for me.  I like to buy bread uncut… that way I can cut slices thin to maintain my blood sugar and still enjoy my “comfort food”.

We took time this week to visit with Larry ‘n Phyllis and Lee ‘n Ilse, but Lee was napping, so we had a very nice visit with Ilse. 

We’ve found that people who live full-time down here in the desert tend to be very independent.  We offer over and over to help them get their projects done and they always say they are fine, can do it themselves.  That’s okay… they know we are here when needed just as we know they are available to us when needed.  Isn’t that what friendship is all about?!!

I’m kind of proud of the way my garden is growing in spite of the fact that I got the soil a bit too hot with manure and stunted the growth (burnt the new leaves) until the water leached the “heat” out.  Here are some pics showing the garden.  Click on the photo here to see it enlarged in a new window, when done looking, close that window.

This first pic is of the whole veggie garden on table and wagon.  On the table are 2 tomatoes of unknown varieties.  They are doing fantastic.  Over 12 sets on the plant in the white pot and 6 or more on the the plant in the black pot.  The orange pot on the table has red globe radishes and the black pot has Asian radishes.  The big orange pot on the wagon has my favorite… salad turnips, the two orange pots next to it has Swiss Chard planted 1 week apart, the other orange pot has my garlic chives making a comeback and the big light tan pot has my struggling Armenian Cucumber.  It’s really healthy looking, just very slow to grow… after all it IS winter here.  (The black pot is where I planted my Ironwood Tree seeds.  Who knows what will happen with them… nothing yet)


Here are a few pics of the individual pots.  First, my tomato next the red globe radishes, next the salad turnips, and finally the Armenian cucumber.

1204tomato  1204globeradish

1204turnips  1204cuke

My cucumber had a huge 4” grasshopper on it eating the leaf, so the pot is now covered with a grate from an old BBQ.

We still have no idea if we are still in the running for the hosting of the Oxbow Campground.  We are going under the assumption we are out of the running, but still open to the possibility.  From now to the first of the year, I really don’t want to have to think about packing up and moving.  With Mike and Tiff coming the day after Christmas, moving this month is just not feasible. 

I spent most of today ignoring dishes that need to be done so I could build  and print pages of photos of the wildlife we see here in La Posa South.  I’m making a photo book to put in the contact station for the guests to look at while waiting to get signed up.

Yesterday we went to the Kofa Wildlife Refuge to drive the Palm Canyon road and do the hike into Palm Canyon.  It’s a pretty drive and the views in Kofa are fantastic.  I didn’t have my walking stick with me so the hike was a bit hard on me, but I made it.

It was a wonderful day of driving and exploring!

On that note…

Ya’ll stay healthy ‘n happy!



December 6th, 2012

Tomorrow looks like it’s going to be a stay at home day, so I promise I’ll take the time to post the happenings of the last few days and a few pictures.

In the meantime, here’s a photo of the Sonoran Desert taken from the parking area at the Palm Canyon trail head.  What a view!  I’d’ve loved to have been there on a clearer day.


Ya’ll stay healthy ‘n happy!