Fulltime Roadrunners

Fulltime Roadrunners
Staying Put at BLM Oxbow Campground on the Colorado River, Cibola, AZ

Requested Photo

July 31st, 2012

One of our Blog Friends requested a photo of our Quaker Parrot, Mucuy (Muh-coo-ey).  I took pics today of both him and our Indian Ring Neck Parrot, Limon… so here are a couple of photos.  If you click on the photo it opens in larger size in a new window… just close that window to come back to the blog.

The first one of Mucuy shows his lovely coloring and, I believe, in the second one you can see his intelligence.


Limon is named because of his coloring, his wings and back are a (li)me green/yellow and his head is very le(mon) yellow.  In the second pic he’s giving me his angry look because I told him to get down in his cage.


Only a little more than a month before we leave here and head to Draper.  We will be there at least a week getting work done on the 5th wheel and visiting family and friends.  Then we head down to Quartzsite for our winter stay.  As soon as we get there, I’m going to call our contact for the summer job, 2013 in Sedona.  I want to get that locked in ASAP.

I need to rearrange some of the high cupboards to put things in that currently are being stored on the floor under chairs and tucked against walls.  I’m also going to get the inside of the RV travel ready so it only takes a couple of hours to put away, close up, and head on down the road.

I need to get out and drive the new pickup more… get comfortable in it.  I don’t feel like I can see behind me or on the back sides when I’m backing up…. very worried about backing into something/someone.

I don’t remember if it was last fall or the year before, but one year while at the free RV parking at the casino in Mesquite, there was guy polishing a rock of some sort.  Being a rock hound I walked over to check it out.  It was the face of a Septarian nodule he’d cut in half.  After talking a bit he gave me an uncut nodule (geode) and I gave him a hummingbird.  I finally found someone here in Moab who has a rock saw.  This guy basically does wood work, but his parents do lapidary work.  Yesterday we took my Septarian Nodule in for him to cut in half to see what it looks like.  If it is more solid and less like a geode, I want a slab cut so I can make cabochons, and then keep each end as “paper weights” or something.  Here’s a pic of a cabochon I made from a Septarian slab I bought in Quartzsite.  I wire wrapped it also.

The guy who’s going to cut my rock will call me when they make the first cut so I can go down, take a look and see if I want a slab or just two pieces.  If it’s more of a geode with crystals inside, I’ll just want two pieces.  If it’s more solid inside I’ll want a slab, then two pieces.

Next week on our days off we will be going back to Grand Junction to pick up some things we forgot last time, and to explore old town/downtown.

Time for me to quit rattlin’ on and say g’nite.

Ya’ll stay healthy ‘n happy!


Still Warm

July 25th, 2012

Another day of almost 100F.  I spend a good part of the morning and early afternoon outside putting the boy’s new cages together and taking the old cages apart.  They are all switched and the boys seem very happy in their new homes.  I’ll try to take pics tomorrow.  Because the cages are so much taller, the covers for the cages do not cover the whole cage, so it was a learning curve for Mucuy to get comfortable in the new cage.  He had to go to the top perches to be covered and out of the light.  He’s finally settled down and asleep (or at least quiet).

We are working tomorrow.  We’ve traded days with Eric and Shelby so they can go to a free movie tomorrow night.  We have Fri. night off, then work Sat and Sun.

I’ve sold a few of my cabochons in the Park store, as well as made 5 hummingbirds to order and sold my American Goldfinch beaded bird, so I’ve got a bit of $$ to take to Q to buy more supplies.  I’m pleased.

Our tomato plant is producing more fruit than we can eat, so I’m sharing some with co-workers.  It doesn’t seem to be setting new ‘maters now, so we may be coming to the end.

Talk to ya’ll later.

Stay healthy ‘n happy!



July 24th, 2012

We’ve pretty much been doing the same ol’ thing every day (SSED = Same Stuff, Every Day)… work Fri thru Sun, and hole up in the air conditioned RV Mon thru Thursday.  Nothing of interest has happened since I last blogged other than our loaning our new pickup to Eric and Shelby, the newest workampers, to go to Grand Junction, CO so she could get a dress she needs for the fall.  I gotta tell ya, it was like leaving our baby with a new babysitter for the first time.  We have confidence they are very level headed, but still… the p/u is our new baby and we couldn’t help but worry.

It’s too bad we don’t have a same day off, because we had to go to Grand Junction this group of days off also.  We hit Sam’s Club for paper towels, Kleenex, laundry products, dog treats, etc.  We also went to PetSmart and bought two new, larger cages for the boys.  I’ll have them set up tomorrow (I hope).  I’ve felt so guilty keeping these guys in such small cages, I can’t wait to see how they react to the new ones… at least half again bigger.  Maybe Mucuy will quit being so nippy… but if not, at least I’ll have more room to avoid the bites.

Only about 1-1/2 months before we leave here and head for Draper, UT and repairs on the holding tank.  The part I’m looking forward to the most is seeing Mike, Tiff and Coen!  Scott and Mari are on the must see list too.  If we could manage a visit with Dave and Laura too – we’d be in hog heaven!

As a matter of fact, I think we need to find a place we can stay at least a week.  We HAVE to visit Thom’s Mom, who lives with his sister, who has an illness that looks to be incurable, and we want to see her too.

We’ll be leaving here after Labor Day weekend and can’t get to Quartzsite until 9/15 or later, so things will work out okay.

We’ve met a lot of people here who are interested in living fulltime in their RV’s, so Thom has invited half of them to join us in Q to have a bit of help and encouragement to see if this is really the life they want.  It will be interesting to see how many we hear from.

I took some shots of a lovely sunset tonight and I want to go look at them, so I’ll say g’nite for now and hopefully I’ll post some sunset pics from Moab, UT.

Ya’ll stay happy ‘n healthy!


My Sincere Apologies

July 9th, 2012

I know it’s been a long long time since I’ve posted.  I’m not sure why, other than I just don’t feel like I have anything to share, or maybe I’m just fed up with the weather (HOT), or living and working in an environment I don’t much care for.

I, personally, don’t much care for catering to the Prima Dona’s who come in expecting perfection in their sites and our services.  Our sites are the best we can make them, our services are geared to please our customers, not us.  I also don’t much care for the mind set of the businesses in Moab, which appears to be to get as much money from the tourists as they might be willing to pay.  That goes for this campground too.  I don’t fault our bosses… they are just following suit of the whole town.  For myself, I feel guilty telling a customer they have to pay $4.00 more for a site where they can receive satellite reception for TV.  It’s the same size as the other sites, plus it has less shade, therefore is a hotter site (in 100F temps), than our others.  I’d never make it as a business owner in a service oriented business.  I don’t have the mindset, I want to make our customers want to come back.

As for the living space.  We’re in a commercial campground with limited space per unit, and several restrictions.  What more do I need to say?

On the positive side, our co-workers are really neat people.  The new workampers I mentioned earlier are newlyweds, in their 20’s, and sweet kids.  Our bosses are great to work for and really nice people.  I mentioned that yesterday was our anniversary and next Sunday my birthday and Janie immediately offered to give us the days off.  How sweet is that?!!  We celebrate on a day in between the two, so we don’t need the day off, but it was super that she offered.

I’m a bit disappointed that we’re not doing as much exploring as we wanted, but who wants to go driving in the canyons and desert in 100+ temps?  We haven’t even made arrangements to take the Jet boat river ride because of the heat.

We head for Salt Lake City the first of Sept, so who knows if it will cool off  enuff for us to get in a bit of exploring before then?  Hope so.

I truly can’t wait to get back down to Quartzsite, set up in La Posa South and spread out, “claiming our space”.  I’m thinking that with “old age” comes “set in your ways”!

Ya’ll stay healthy ‘n happy!