Fulltime Roadrunners

Fulltime Roadrunners
Staying Put at BLM Oxbow Campground on the Colorado River, Cibola, AZ

Mo from Thom

June 29th, 2013

Judy made an interesting observation tonight/today? ” It is interesting when we used to think of cooling off as when the temps get below  below 100 now it is when we are getting below 110.”  Have we descended into the depths of Hell,, Nawwww  this is way to much fun to be hell, jus a tad warm though.


Home Again

September 20th, 2012

We made it to Quartzsite Wed morning around 10:30.  I almost cried when my GPS said “arriving at HOME” when we pulled into our spot here on the BLM.  I can’t believe how much I’ve missed it here.

We got set up in record time!  Less than 1/2 hour from spotting the RV to getting slides out and all leveled.  It was quite hot already, about 98F, so we did as little as possible outside.  I took my camera outside when I took Willow to go potty and right off the bat I got a shot of a local lizard.  I swear he/she was out there welcoming me home.

After we got here and set up, we went into town to pick up our mail and to see Larry and Phyllis.  They are the darling folk who took care of our storage shed when there was a fire out there.  The fire didn’t quite get to our shed, but apparently there was water that needed to be dried out, etc. 

I threw a 1/2 cup of the boys feed out for the birds.  Within 5 minutes we had a covey of about 15 quail and several mourning dove devouring it.

I can’t wait to get the watering hole put in and the bird feeders set up… especially the hummingbird feeders.

The Ironwood tree has grown leaps ‘n bounds.  My watering hole was in front of a creosote bush under the tree, now the tree has enveloped the creosote bush and the watering hole has to be moved at least 5 feet away from it’s old place. 

To adjust for the growth of the Ironwood, we’ve parked at least 7’ both west and south of where we were last year.

I’m not ready to post this now, so I’m going to save it until Thur and any additions I may want to make.

This morning we woke up early, about 6:30, and were too warm to get back to sleep, so we got up.  Thom got out to the storage shed bright and early to load a few things in the pickup and hook up the honey wagon to bring home and sanitize the fresh water tank so we can start using the honey wagon when needed.

After we quit doing for the day (due to heat) we hopped in the truck and went to visit Lee ‘n Ilse.  Their friendship means the world to us.  It’s so much fun talking to them and listening to their stories of the area and their lives in general.

The watering hole is placed but I’ve not run into a shovel yet to dig the hole for it to go in the ground.  The birds started using it to drink right away.  I swear these dove and quail remember us from last year.  They showed up yesterday within 1 hour of our arrival.  I was hoping to get a good shot of the quail, but every time it looks promising, Thom goes out and scares them away.  Maybe within the next couple of days.

We’ve not faired well today.  The generator has been running since about 7 a.m. and we keep losing power to the RV.  We think the generators are both old and tired.  Not sure if we want to replace them or start using synthetic oil so they run cooler.  In the meantime, it’s been kinda stressful today, with the house warming up significantly while we try to get the generator producing power.

For now, I’m gonna say g’day.  I’ve gotta fix food and it’s 91F in here, and I’m grumpy as heck!  Y’all are lucky yer not here!

Stay healthy ‘n happy.


Ready to Ride

September 16th, 2012

We’ve spent the weekend, parked at no charge, in the Casino RV parking area in Mesquite, NV.  We need to be in Lake Havasu City tomorrow so we can get the fuel pump on the aux. gas tank fixed or replaced… again.  We’ve no idea what keeps happening, but this is the 3rd time.  It’s driving both us and poor Brian crazy.  Hopefully we’ll be there early enough tomorrow to get it done tomorrow and head for Quartzsite on Tuesday.  The temps in Lake Havasu are going to be 102 and up next week, while Quartzsite temps will be a couple degrees cooler.  If you can call 100F cool.

We’ve run our generator all day yesterday and today so we could have our portable a/c running.  I guess when we get to Q, we’ll be running the a/c for many days until it starts cooling off.  I hope that’s not too far off.  I’m excited to get my yard set up for the critters and to visit Larry ‘n Phyllis and Lee ‘n Ilse.

I don’t know when I’ll post next, by Thursday anyway.

Ya’ll stay healthy ‘n happy.


If it’s Friday, This Must Be Mesquite

September 14th, 2012

We left Nephi relatively early this morning (around 8:30), and arrived in Mesquite around 1:30 p.m.  Lots of slow climb hills, a few steep climb hills, both up and down.  The gas tank in my truck is 35 gals and it took 3/4 of a tank to go 255 miles… not very good mileage – 9.7 mpg.

The temp here in Mesquite when we arrive was 88F, but since it got down into the 40’s last night in Nephi, the trailer was nice and cool (cold even) this morning.  We closed it all up with the cool air in it and when we arrived here it was still only 72F.  Of course by 5:30 the outside temp was in the 90’s and inside was 86F.  We’re staying until Monday morning and the temps are supposed to be in the 90’s & 100’s thru the weekend.  I’m sure we’ll be hooking up the Honda 2000 and running the portable A/C a bit (or even a lot).

The casino’s seafood buffet was this afternoon/evening, so we indulged ourselves.  There was cold prawns, cold crawdad, cold snow crab.  Hot snow crab, Tuna in an oriental sauce.  Breaded/fried prawns, butter clams steamed in beer ‘n garlic butter sauce, deviled crab.  On the non-seafood side – prime rib, roasted chicken, fried chicken, stuffed cabbage rolls.  Salad bar, dessert bar… the buffet was loaded!  Thom had some cole slaw from the salad bar, ate one bite and instantly told the servers the cole slaw was BAD.  He was feeling quite sick before we even walked out of the casino.  He’s now in bed fighting it.

After we got Thom settled, I walked back to the front room and heard a familiar sound but couldn’t quite place it until I heard it a 2nd time.  I looked out the window and there was a small covey of Gambel’s Quail in the parking lot grass strips scrounging seed ‘n bugs.  Now I really can’t wait to get to our place in Quartzsite!

I’m using up more electricity than I want to and I’m not sure Thom will feel like getting out there to hookup the gennie and get it started, so I’ll say g’nite.

Ya’ll stay healthy ‘n happy!


On The Road–Headin’ South

September 13th, 2012

We decided to hit the road today (Thursday).  We had dinner with Mike, Tiff ‘n Coen last night.  We didn’t get to spend much time with the kids this time through, but maybe, just maybe, we’ll be able to coerce them into coming down to Quartzsite for a few days in November.

We’d planned on leaving Kaysville by 9 a.m. this morning and would have made it, but Blaine Jensen decided to tear up their driveways and repave them.  By the time we were almost ready to leave we noticed they had the part of the drive we needed to use dug down to about 4-5 inches.  There was no way we could get out.  There is a road going out the other way but Blaine Jensen gated that off because there were crazy people driving thru their lot super fast and recklessly.  In order to get out we had to find the right person and ask him to unlock and open the gate for us to go through.  By the time we got out it was a quarter to 11 and we still had to circle the block, go back into Blaine Jensen’s dump station and dump the tanks and get fresh water.  We are now in Nephi, UT for the night and will get to Mesquite, NV tomorrow.  The drive here was only 104 miles so it was a very easy drive.

We’ve decided that we always feel like we could go at least 100 miles further from here, so I went looking on Day’s End database and found a couple of overnight boondocking places in Beaver about 120 miles further south from Nephi.  That would make the drive to Mesquite a bit shorter too.  As it is, it’s about 5 hours from Nephi.  I kinda like my 4 hour driving days.

We plan on staying in Mesquite until next Monday, then head over to Lake Havasu.  I dread driving through Las Vegas, but there’s no avoiding it.  If I can see my way clear to spending that much money, we will go to the seafood buffet in the casino in Mesquite.  The buffet used to be on Sat. night, but last spring on our way north, we arrived in Mesquite on Sat. and discovered they had moved the buffet to Friday. 

It looks like we’ll be in Quartzsite by Sept. 20 or 21.  Yay!  I’m so ready to get settled again.

Thom just turned the internet on for me so I better close for today and get this uploaded.  I’m sure I’ll be posting again in a day or two.

Ya’ll stay healthy ‘n happy!


Progress Report

September 10th, 2012

The 5th wheel was finished Thursday, but certainly not in time for us to do lunch with Scott ‘n Mari.  They didn’t bring the trailer back to us until after 6:00 p.m.  It’s done now and we’re pretty much satisfied with the job they did. 

We had dinner with Scott ‘n Mari on Friday night at a Chinese restaurant.  I think it’s called Chin Wah.  Was pretty good.  I love doing Chinese because you get so much food there’s at least one more meal left in the leftovers.

Saturday we went to see Thom’s Mother and sister.  His sister is being treated for cancer.  If she survives the aggressive chemo and surgery, it’s predicted she’ll have 5 more good years.  She’s one of my favorites of his sisters.  He has 5.  Doing the math, that means he has 10 brothers, & 2 adopted sisters.  It’s hard for me to keep track of them all because we rarely get to see them.

We drove up to Kaysville yesterday morning.  Kaysville is about 6 miles south of Roy, where Mike lives.  The Blaine Jensen RV Sales is in Kaysville and they have spots a person can park for a few nights… with hookups… no charge.   Marv ‘n Deb came in for a visit early yesterday afternoon.  Was so nice to see them and catch up on their happenings and plans.  They’ll be down in Quartzsite for a bit, but not nearly as long as in the past. 

Thom and I will be on our own a lot this winter in Q.  Al and Linda won’t be there this year at all and Ron and Deb plan on being there, but not until after Dec.  (latest plans).

Yesterday we went to visit Mike, Tiff and Coen in the late afternoon.  Thom and I were both tired so we didn’t stay much past 6 p.m.   Coen has grown up so much.  Mike and Tiff grow a garden every summer, so they sent us home with carrots, cukes and tomatoes.  YUM!  The carrots are so sweet!

Today we did some needed shopping and after we got home we decided to see if we get any TV reception on the wind-up antenna… we did!  We didn’t even have to twist and turn the antenna to find channels.  First try, we got 30+ channels.  TV for the first time in a week.  Kinda nice.

Tomorrow we have an appointment in Salt Lake City at 4 p.m., but hope to have dinner with Mike ‘n family on Wed or Thursday.  We need to hit the road before too long because we have to spend a night or two in Lake Havasu in AZ.  Then we get to go to Q and set up our winter home!  I’m sure ready!

Will let you know what’s happening in a day or two.

As a final sharing… tonight’s sunset after thunder ‘n lightning ‘n rain all day.  (click on pic and new window will open with full size picture, close that window to come back to the blog)

Stay healthy ‘n happy!


Almost Done

September 6th, 2012

The fifth wheel was in the shop all day yesterday.  The issue with the black tank was actually a 1/4 inch wide crack in the flange between the toilet and tank, so every time we flushed it leaked and ran down the outside of the pipe that goes into the black tank.  You can imagine the stink coming from our compartment/underbelly.  The flange is fixed now so the leak will have stopped.  Thom cleaned up as best he could under there while it was still accessible and today they are replacing the insulation under the tank.

Thom also had them replace the struts that hold the compartment door open.  They broke sometime in July.  They also reattached the fenders over the tires.  They apparently were just glued on and the glue was giving way, so these guys screwed them on better and caulked them.

The diesel truck’s transmission fluid flush will be done tomorrow.  Thom’s thinking we’ll be here a few days longer so we can be sure and get the work done on the 1 ton, and still be able to visit family here.

With luck our 5th Wheel will be done early enough we can go to a late lunch with Scott ‘n Mari today.  It’s 11 a.m. now and it’s still not in the shop.  They had to go pick up the insulation before they could work on it.

We had Chinese take out from the Water Moon restaurant around the corner from here.  YUMM!  I would recommend these guys any ol’ time!

I’m hoping I can start cooking tonight and save some $$.  Having to close up early every morning so they can move the RV and then not getting it parked again until after 5 p.m. isn’t very conducive to it being easy to cook.

Well I think I’ve got ya’ll updated now, so I think I’ll go check on progress on the rig.

Ya’ll stay healthy ‘n happy!


On the Road in 6 Days

August 28th, 2012

Been super busy getting ready to hit the road.  Thom is doing a whole lot more than me.  He started this morning around 9:30 and, now, at 7:30 p.m., he’s still going.  Tomorrow I hit the kitchen and try to find room for the ice maker, the Soda Stream, new toaster, fruit bowl, etc.  All those things that sit out on the counter when we are stationary.

One of the Workampers here is a lung cancer survivor.  He’s had a lung removed has been off of chemo for 6 to 8 months.  He doesn’t have a lot of lung power up here at 4200’ elevation, but does okay.  He is truly a work horse, and dedicated.

Yesterday a water main in our row of camp sites broke.  Rick, the survivor, and Mark, the owner, went to work digging up the pipeline (using a backhoe).  It took quite a while, but they found the break at just about sundown.  It was too late to finish fixing the leak.  Luckily all of us in this row are in RV’s with substantial fresh water tanks, so it’s not an issue to be without city water.  This morning Rick finished the job all by himself.  Good thing he had the backhoe to do most of the heavy work.  I just have to say he’s a real trooper when he gets left on his own to do a job.

We still have to work Friday thru Sunday, but will be ready to leave on Monday. 

Our plans are to go to Draper (south of Salt Lake City), get our black tank fixed, spend a few days seeing family and friends, then heading to Quartzsite… not before Sept. 12, but hopefully by Sept 15th (unless it’s over 105F still).

I can’t believe how wrapped up in the elections I am right now.  The TV is on the wall opposite to my computer.  I have a mirror on the table next to the computer so I can watch the speakers at the RNC while working on the computer.  I’m so afraid of how this election may turn out.

Enuff said.  Time to say g’nite before I get going where we don’t want me to go.

Ya’ll stay healthy ‘n happy.



June 11th, 2012

Last Friday night I managed to spill a glass of water on my less than 1 year old laptop computer.  It slowly died.  I’ve been using Thom’s computer when he isn’t using it (on his ‘puter now).  Wed, we get Thom’s social security so we will be going to Grand Junction to buy some things from Sam’s Club and stop at Best Buy to see what they can do with the “watered” computer and maybe transfer files from it to a new ‘puter, if not fix it.   I know the price of computers nowadays pretty much makes them “disposable”, but I’m not overly enthused with spending another $500 as well as the cost of transferring files from the old hard drive to a new ‘puter.

Work is going fine.  We’ve got it down to a science now, so it’s going pretty smooth.

We hope to get in a few more drives before we leave here.  So much to see, so little time.

When I get back on my own computer I’ll be sharing more photos and adventures with ya’ll.  I think we’ll be going on a jet boat river tour on the Colorado river soon.

For now, it’s g’nite.

Ya’ll stay healthy ‘n happy!


Playing Tourist

June 6th, 2012

We got a late start, but did get out to Dead Horse Point.  It is called that because several wild horses were caught and held at this point, but not retrieved, therefore a bunch of dead horses.

I intend to put together a photo album of the shots I got today, and it will be posted on the blog tomorrow.  All in all we had a great day.

Ya’ll stay healthy and happy!


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